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The short answer is simple: custom framing brings your art to life when it’s done right. The right combination of frame, mat and layout is often self-evident when you work with a good custom framer. There is always that “aha” moment when you see the impact of bringing the right frame and mat together with your image. It’s a pleasant process that should enhance your emotional attachment to the art. It should also reflect your tastes and décor requirements. It has been our experience that customer often knows what they’re looking for and so there is strong sense of pride when the finished product is finally presented. We love that “wow” factor and we know our customers love it as well.

Of course you can always shop for a readymade frame that might fit your picture. But this is challenging on many levels. Given the numerous different sizes that art comes in, it can be pretty tough to match an image and a pre-made frame. So it might not fit together properly; it won’t have outside mats to give it character; and it might not protect the art very well. 

In the end, the whole thing might not end up looking that great. We also often wind up replacing frames that a customer bought online. When it arrived it looked nothing like what the customer was expecting, so in the end it simply needed to be replaced with a proper custom frame. In our view, as is often the case in life, better to do it right the first time. It will likely end up looking better, lasting longer and costing less.

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