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The range of things that we have framed for people can be both beautiful, hilarious, or sentimental. Art can come anywhere from children’s drawings to beautiful original art that belongs in a gallery somewhere. On the funny scale we’ve framed everything from restraining orders to targets used in a gun ranges. The sentimental items include photographs of loved ones, sports memorabilia such as jerseys, and keepsakes such as war medals and designer dresses.

Custom framing is always different and rarely ever boring. People don’t just bring us their items to be framed. They bring us the story of that item. And that makes the work interesting, fun, and challenging. Here again is a brief list of the items we have, or can, frame:

  • Art - your own original creations or the work of another artist in oi, watercolour, pencil or charcoal.

  • Canvas Art - stretched with or without a floater frame.

  • Diplomas, Certificates, Awards - display your accomplishments.

  • Laminations - a cost-effective way to capture your art.

  • Memorabilia - medals,

  • Music LPs - remember the music that inspired you.

  • Needlepoints - preserve all those hours of work.

  • Photography - original or reprints.

  • Posters and Prints - don’t let that great concert poster go unframed, and unloved.

  • Prayer Rugs - creates a quiet center piece.

  • Puzzles - we love framing jigsaw puzzles.

  • Shadow Boxes - frame that signed hockey stick, golf cap, or Cinderella’s slipper.

  • Sports Jerseys - all shapes and sizes.

  • Tapestries - they look fantastic when done.

Art - at Picture Source we can meet all of your needs when it comes to art across various mediums. These include charcoal and pencil drawings, oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, pastel and watercolour paintings, children's paintings and any valuable art prints. Whether it’s your artistic creation, or the work of a well known artist, your artwork will be enhanced with our selection of framing materials and workmanship.

Canvas Art – as printing and scanning technology have improved over the past ten years, the appeal and

popularity of affordable canvas art has grown. Whether it’s just a stretched canvas or a canvas with a

floater frame (more on this below), we can frame your canvas art with a flair every time.

Diplomas, Certificates, Awards – don’t let those hard-earned degrees, diplomas, or certificates lay dormant in your office desk or a forlorn cardboard box somewhere. Bring them to Picture Source and we’ll bring your accomplishments to life! We’ll use elegant frames designed especially for that special document.

And we’ll do it cost-effectively so it won’t break the bank. 23 

Laminations – if your the art does not require a full frame you can opt for an affordable process known as lamination or “plaquing”. This can be very cost-effective if you’re just trying to preserve something like a movie or concert poster, or newspaper clipping, or even a photograph. This process takes the print or poster and presses it using heat on to a wooden substrate material like MDF. This requires no frames, no mats and no glass. Plaquing, or hot pressing, also works if you have an oversized print or poster (generally bigger than 40 x 60 inches).

The print is again hot-pressed onto a substrate, but you can also always a frame afterwards if desired.

Music LPs – whether you’re into Jazz, Rock or Classical we can frame the music that inspires you. You can also add other items of memorabilia like concert tickets or a signed program to the framing job as well to capture the whole experience of the music.

Needlepoints – you spend hours and weeks creating that wonderful needlepoint and it then deserves to be shown on your walls. What starts out as a pleasant pastime can lead to a lovely piece of art with a beautiful preserved on your wall for years to come.

Photography – whether you’re a professional or novice photographer, and whether it’s cloudy mountaintop in a land of mystery or a set of family photos, or whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or preparing a gift for an upcoming special event. we can help you bring it to life with creative frames and mats. We can also add specialty conservation mats and glass to assure for the longevity these photographs.

Posters and Prints – so many posters and prints and so little wall space. Over the past 100 years the art of poster and print art has created incredible images that reflect the human condition, great movies and music, pop culture, and significant moments in history. These images capture who we are, where we are and what we love. So if you have that favourite artist’s print, or a classic movie print that you want to add to your home theater, or a Broadway musical poster, the best way to remember it is to have it framed and hung where you can see it every day.

Prayer Rugs – over the years we have framed numerous religious items such as prayer rugs, the Koran, bibles, and other symbolic items. The beauty of this process is that you can select a very ornate frames to give the item all of the character and elegance it needs to create a quiet center piece in your home. We think they’re a delightful entity to frame and will be happy to share your passion for that special work of art. 

Puzzles – if you’re one of those patient methodical folks that loves to complete jigsaw puzzles, we hope you’ll take comfort in knowing that we’ve framed plenty of these over the years. And that they are one of those items that has a “wow” factor when they’re done. It started out in a box with 500 pieces, and now you have a work of art with a lovely frame hanging on your wall somewhere. You should be proud and we’ll be pleased as punch to frame it for you.


Shadow Boxes - whether it’s war medals, athletic medals, a family heirloom, a signed hockey stick, hockey cards, sheets of one dollar bills, a golf cap, a Cinderella’s slipper, or anything that qualifies as memorable memorabilia, we can design a shadowbox or a specialty frame with multiple windows to showcase your particular piece. We’re always amazed at the new things we’re asked to frame, and equally surprised by how long folks have kept these wonderful items in a shoebox waiting to be framed and displayed. So bring us whatever memorabilia you love and we’ll do everything necessary to make you proud to hang in on your home of office wall.

Sports Jerseys – the thing that always amazes us about framing sports jerseys is how many of our customers

went to the trouble of having their favourite player sign the jersey, and then it sits in a closet somewhere never seeing the light of day. When it finally finds its way to us the same folks smile and wonder why they waited so long to have it framed. Particularly when we can specialty features like engraved plaques mounted within the jersey frame, or other items of importance like additional photographs, tickets and event programs. We know that jersey framing costs are often one of the obstacles to getting it done so we do our best to make these

wonderful framing projects as cost-effective as possible.

Tapestries – the list of items we’ve framed also includes numerous tapestries from countries all over the

world. Like prayer rugs you can opt for something ornate that fits the classic look of the tapestry, or keep

it simple so that the focus remains on the image itself. Either way we’ve been there and done and look

forward to helping you with your particular wall-hanging, whatever form or shape it comes in.

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