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Listed below are links to numerous art-related sites. Many are direct suppliers of posters, prints and art to consumers. Others are wholesale suppliers to retailers like Picture Source but we list them because they often have great images. If you find something you like you can order it from the supplier and then bring it in to Picture Source to have it framed as you prefer. Or we can order it for you and also frame it.

Australian Suppliers

  • Redbubble - - while technically an Australian company, they fill orders from distribution centers located in many countries including Canada. They offer the work of independent artists all over the world and prices are competitive with other suppliers.

Canadian Suppliers


  1., .com – - lots of posters, prints and canvas art. Some affordable, others not so much. Amazon is as Amazon does.

  2. Canadian Warplane Museum - - the gift shop at the Canadian Warplane Museum at the Hamilton airport is an excellent place to shop for aviation prints and posters.

  3. Canadian Art Prints (CAP) - - located in Vancouver, CAP offers an excellent selection of contemporary prints,  posters and canvas across multiple genres. Pricing is good and highly recommended.

  4. Eurographics - - located in Montreal this company offers an eclectic selection of posters and prints at good prices. It also sells all kinds of puzzles which makes it a great place to shop.

  5. Midway Memorabilia - - an outstanding Mississauga company offering a great selection of signed and unsigned licensed sports photos, jerseys and other sports memorabilia. Also an excellent place for framing. Highly recommended.

  6. Movie (Toronto) - - located in Toronto, offers and enormous variety of movie posters, original and reproduced. Prices are great and it is highly recommended.

  7. Osnat Tzadok Art - – this is the dedicated site for Canadian artist Osnat Tzadok which sells her art on canvas and as prints. We love her art.

  8. PI Creative Art - - formerly known as Posters International, PI is a leading supplier of outstanding prints and canvas. Their quality is great, but prices can be on the high side.

  9. Picture Picture Inc. (PP) - - located in Toronto, PP sells canvas, posters, prints and plaques and is an affordable option for most buyers. We deal with them every week and they are highly recommended.

  10. Poster Alley - - this Canadian company is part of Its sells a wide variety of affordable classic music posters for bands and concerts.

  11. Sports Poster Warehouse - - as the name suggests, this Canadian company offers an excellent selection of sports posters and prints. Prices are great and it is highly recommended.

  12. Streamline Art - - based in Mississauga, ON, Streamline sells to retailers but consumers can check out what they have available and then look for a retailer that carries their products. Picture Source does. Prices are great, selection is excellent & it is highly recommended for those looking for the right piece to go above the couch or bed.

  13. Useful Charts - this Canadian company located in Vancouver sells a limited group of educational posters that are well done and not badly priced.

European Suppliers


  1. - - a United Kingdom company that sells a wide range of prints and posters across popular genres including movies and music. Prices are not bad but keep shipping costs in mind if you buy.

  2. Lumas Art - - headquartered in Berlin, Germany this amazing company has outstanding art, both photographic and painted. Items are sold as limited editions online and in offices all over the world. Great art, but expect to pay a good price for it.

  3. Poster Store - this Swedish company (we think) sells an amazing collection of Scandinavian prints. They often come in groups as part of a “gallery wall” concept. Prices are good.

  4. Rosenstiel’s - - this London, England based company has been around for about 140 years. So they kind of know what they’re doing and therefore offer a huge selection of great prints across multiple categories. If there’s a downside, their images can be  pricey.

  5. YellowKorner Art - - this French company with its head office in Paris is similar to Lumas Art in that they sell limited editions of original photography. The company searches the world for new and appealing images and prices them accordingly. But if you want that special limited-edition piece this is a good place to look.


US Suppliers


  1. / – // - two connected American companies that offer thousands of prints across all genres. Prices are generally good but allow for shipping costs as well. And watch for sales – they’re always having them.

  2. - – same as, except it is not uncommon to find that they don’t ship certain items to Canada.

  3. - - a good selection of contemporary prints and posters.

  4. Black Art Depot - - a great selection of African-American art. But prints are a little pricey.

  5. Black Market Art - – selling hip, edgy art with prices that aren’t too bad.

  6. Deviant Art - - representing wildly creative artists from all over the world. The art is pretty cool and can be digitally downloaded for free for use on a personal basis.

  7. - - not an art site per se, but lots of art sold here. Everything from posters to original art across a wide range of categories and prices.

  8. - - a ‘most excellent’ place to find great art, as prints, posters, canvas, and digital downloads. Represents ‘artisans’ of all sorts everywhere and highly recommended.

  9. - - a US auction site that offers vintage movie posters both current and rare. Prices are generally set in an anonymous bidding process. A great site for anyone looking for an old movie poster. Love it!

  10. Fine Art America - - this US company has an amazing selection of high quality art. But, prices are high and in US dollars. So a good source, but expensive.

  11. Fulcrum Gallery - - sells a wide range of contemporary and popular art. Affordable, but not a lot different that AllPosters.

  12. Great Big Canvas - - focuses on stretched canvas art, but often offers the image as a rolled print as well. However, everything is in US dollars and their canvases are not cheap, at all. Plus there’s shipping for a boxed piece of art which is pricey.

  13. Image Conscious - - a San Francisco-based company selling an excellent selection modern, popular and amazing art. Prices are good and they offer lots of Print-On-Demand (POD) products. Highly recommended.

  14. Lantern Press - - has a good selection of popular art. Similar to All Posters in terms of product and pricing.

  15. Left Bank Art - - a cool art company selling all kinds of great contemporary art as prints and canvas, including oversized pieces. A little pricey but worth a look.

  16. McGaw Graphics - - an established company offering prints and limited editions. Competes with companies like All Posters. Posters and prints are generally affordable.

  17. Panoramic Images - – the place to look for a great selection of ‘panoramic’ (wide format) images that are ideal for above the couch or bed. Prices aren’t bad.

  18. Poster Foundry - – selling lots of very affordable pop culture posters and prints. Prices are lower than lots of others.

  19. Poster Museum - – this New York-based company offers a wide variety of original vintage posters. There’s lots of hard to find images, and prices can range from $50 to $20,000.

  20. Pyramid International - – one of the bigger suppliers of posters and prints. Prices are great and it’s highly recommended.

  21. Rare Posters – – selling a wide variety of vintage and rare posters across multiple categories. Prices are not that bad given the original nature of many items.

  22. Saatchi Art - - sells original art across categories of pop, contemporary and modern art. Prices are what you’d expect for original art, but lots of the images are pretty cool.

  23. Scorpio Posters - - a US supplier offering posters across all of the generic categories. Prices are competitive.

  24. Society6 - - selling contemporary art that they say is curated by artists. Some interesting items and prices are competitive.

  25. Trends International - - a US company with offices in Oakville, Ontario. They offer a good selection of licensed art. Sports and movies are good examples. Prices are fair, but they can be a hard company to reach if you have a question.

  26. Wild Apple - - this American company sells an ever-evolving selection of interesting prints across multiple categories. They are technically a publishing company, so you have to register with them to buy.

  27. World Art - - this American company is also a publishing company that you’ll have to register with to buy. But like Wild Apple above, they offer a wide selection of new and trending contemporary art.

Research Sites


  1. Images - - a great site if you’re looking for image ideas. Click on the “Images” dropdown to search. You can also load a JPEG and it will ‘reverse search’ for that images as well.

  2. Google Images - - same kind of tool as You can generate image ideas here, and/or load your own image on to the site and it will search the Internet for similar images.

  3. Poster Print Shop - - if you have an image that you want to check in terms of how big it will print, this is a great site to use. Click on the “Help” dropdown and then on ‘File Quality Check’ link. Follow the instructions from there.

  4. Tin Eye Reverse Image Search - - a dedicated ‘reverse image search site’, you upload your JPEG file and the site will then search the entire Internet to see where it can be found and purchased.

  5. Wikipedia Commons - - one of many sites where you can search for images that are considered to be in the ‘public domain’. You may be asked to credit the source of the image which is fine. But there is no cost for the images and there are many to choose from.

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